When Nacho asked me to write an article on how to identify fake retro date dials, I knew I had to take a little tease out of my book. The examples used in this article are from the Antique Rolex Datejust Buyer’s and Collector’s Guide. If you have this book, you will surely realize this blue atrocity. For laymen, buying an old-fashioned Rolex Datejust might be daunting. If you are new to the game, here are some things to pay attention to. There are some signs that you may be dealing with a fake dial. Of course, fake dials are just one of many potential problems, but you have to start somewhere, right?

Next, you will find 16xx reference fake Rolex Datejust’s duplicate dial. It should be put in the period from 1959 to about 1977, but this fake is much younger. However, most of the questions described here also apply to other generations, so if you are pursuing an older or younger date, you may still find these tips useful. Needless to say, let’s release our inner detective and investigate.

Note: Vintage Datejust replica watch is an area of my personal interest, but the principles discussed are directly or indirectly applicable to many other models or even brands.

Rolex Datejust Replica Watches

First impressions are important

If you just want to go to a store and buy a vintage Datejust replica rolex, it’s not very helpful. But if you spend a lot of time researching and trying a few examples, it can be very valuable. When you see and handle more and more watches, your eyes will grow. You will instinctively feel what is right and what is not.

As an antique dealer, aspiring sellers gave me quite a few counterfeit replica watches or some counterfeit watches. In most cases, I will feel vaguely what the problem is before I really find the specific problem. I believe that experienced collectors among you will have this feeling when looking at the dial above. If you are at a loss, don’t worry. With a little effort, you can find problems.

The fake rolex Datejust replica watches

“Blank” is a bare stamped metal plate used as the base of the dial. In our example, this is a completely fake retro Datejust dial, which is completely free. On the 16xx generation Datejust, the outer edge of the dial should be stepped and inclined downward. This is the so-called “pie plate” or “stepped” dial. This is one of the most attractive characteristics of this generation.

If you look at a real dial like the one above, you will see a sharp edge falling. However, our fake retro Datejust dial looks terrible. The edge of the bulge center is blunt, and you cannot feel any slope. It looks a bit like a top hat. It is also poorly drawn. Look at the edge of the dial between 11 and 12. You can see through the paint.

Another flaw is the date aperture. Its rough shape is correct, but its edges are too unstable. In fact, the date aperture is too small and the center hole is too large. These blank errors indicate a completely forged old Datejust dialing. If the basic shape of the suspect dial is good, it may just be reworked rather than fake.

Decals on fake Datejust dial

Next, we should look at the decals on the fake dial. Compared with the actual Rolex crown, the crown shape at 12 o’clock position is incorrect. Similarly, the real crown also has many changes, but this must be too hasty. See how neat and smooth these look on a real dial. In a real example, the tip radiates confidently from the bottom of the crown. On fakes, they look like fat fingers.

The hourly index was also closed. I spent 14 months researching the retro date adjustment in depth for this book, and I am not sure how much the index changes. It is enough to say that there are many. However, all this was done quickly. This fake rolex Datejust replica watches dial is definitely not. You can hardly tell whether the longitudinal edges are faceted or round. On a real dial, this will be very clear and sharp execution.

Rolex datejust replica watches

To judge the date of fake datejust

If you look at the blue dial and the information on it, it seems easy to find the false dial. The problem is that most of these problems can also occur in real dialing. For example, look at the printing on the silver dial. It is quite chaotic. Nevertheless, the dial is original and has not been surface treated. This was only an acceptable quality difference at the time. Therefore, unless there is an obvious problem, you are looking for a combination of problems. In our blue example, almost everything is wrong, which makes our work easier. But in a better fake retro date dial, you may not come out so sure. You may be dealing with quality control issues. You may also be working on a reconditioned dial.

Rest assured that the most experienced connoisseurs will eventually disagree on some suspicious dials. Sometimes it is impossible to be 100 per cent certain. It is important to recognize that this area is also developing. What may be considered incorrect today may be displayed as factory original tomorrow. vice versa.

However, I would like to provide you with some insights on how to find common dialing problems on old-fashioned rolex Datejust replica watches. I can only encourage you to go out and experience your watch as much as possible. Before you realize this, you already have an eye for good, bad and ugly! Happy hunting!