RJ Arraw Spider-Man Tourbillon

It features a peripheral indication of the hours and minutes as the center of the Replica Watches is dedicated to showcasing an oversized tourbillon. Winding the movement is not done by a traditional crown, but instead by pulling up a hoop that is recessed in the case back.

The power reserve is an impressive 150 hours, and the movement is captured in a 45-mm case that is crafted from a composite of red fiberglass and black carbon.

Hublot Big Bang MP-11 SAXEM

As ‘King of Fusion’ has Hublot often used or created materials that have never seen before in watchmaking. With the Top Replica Big Bang MP-11 SAXEM, they continue this tradition. As a beautiful shade of green is impossible to accomplish in sapphire, a material that Hublot masters, they continued their quest and developed SAXEM.

This material uses the primary component of sapphire, aluminum oxide, which is mixed with scarce elements such as chromium, holmium, and thulium. The result resemblance that of Hublot Replica emerald, but is not only perfectly clear but also much harder.