With the Replica Watches Classic Fusion Chronograph Berluti continues the seemingly endless saga of clocks that are part of the Hublot concept of “fusion”.It is clear then that Hublot thinks that the tendency among the clients of high-end watches is to look for special and limited pieces.

In addition to being a special edition, the new Classic Fusion Chronograph Berluti become part of the group of Hublot Top Replica watches created in collaboration with a brand outside the watchmaking sector. No mystery as to what that brand is since the name of the watch makes it very clear: Berluti.

The first factor shared by these two Berlutti series is the “Classic” box. The second is that both equip a chronograph movement. The third, inseparable from these editions is that the sphere is covered with leather. The Any Replica Watches fourth factor they share, and hence the denomination “Scritto”, is the characteristic “written” text that we find in the Berluti shoes and that adorns some of the external elements of these watches.

For the dial and Replica Watches with titanium case, we use an authentic Venezia skin that Berluti calls “Cold Brown”. The version with a bronze box uses “Cold Gold” leather for these elements. In more earthy language, the skin of the titanium version offers a greenish tone and that of the bronze version a “natural” brown tone.