It is difficult to define in a few words the novelties of Cartier in the 2019. It is because its watchmaking catalog is immense and by logic in each SIHH Hall we see many new features appear in many of its collections. This 2019 has not been different and we have seen quite a lot of important news that affect the Santos, Panthere, Baignoire and Libre collections.

The novelty presented by Top Replica Cartier in the 2019 with regard to Santos Esquelette is the superluminova treatment that is applied to these bridges and that in dark conditions, as well as readability, offers a luminous spectacle.

The aesthetic fidelity of this new Cartier Santos-Dumont with the original 1904 copy watch is very high in all its external elements, which is the purpose of any “replica”. As far as its entrails can not be affirmed the same since it is quartz movements, that in spite of its practicality have little to do with the mechanical movements, the only ones that existed when the original Santos was created.

The new saints will be issued in three variants of box material: steel, rose gold and misto steel / rose gold. Each of the variants will be available in small and large sizes.