A. Lange & Söhne Replica Watches

Profile Of A. Lange & Söhne Replica

A. Lange & Söhne Replica Watch is a German mechanical watch brand. Lange insists on making only mechanical precious metal replica watches, which keeps its quality and price high. Lange wristwatch embodies excellent design and texture. It is inspired by the famous Lange pocket watch in the history of clocks and watches, including grasudy 3 / 4 splint refined from untreated German silver, hand carved balance wheel bridge plate, blue steel screw and K gold sleeve, and uses anti-wear red gem bearing to maintain the stability of gear operation and transmission.

The movement of each A. Lange & Söhne Replica Watch is assembled twice. After the first assembly, it is adjusted and tested in five directions, and then disassembled to clean each part again. Finally, the second assembly is completed with real blue steel screws, and the accuracy is tested for several weeks before leaving the factory. Usually, the production time of each watch is at least 6 months, often 8 to 10 months. Therefore, the production of Lange watches is very limited, about 5000 per year.

History of A. Lange & Söhne Replica

On December 7, 1845, Adolf Lange hired 15 craftsmen to establish his own watch workshop in the town of grasuti near Dresden, Germany, to produce Lange clocks.

In 1868, Lange watch officially used the name A. Lange & Sohne. In 1875, Adolf Langer, 60, died and his two sons officially inherited the estate. In Germany at that time, this watch brand was favored by the royal family, nobles and celebrities. However, Lange failed to escape in World War II. On the last day of the war, the bombing of the Soviet air force left the main production department of Lange watch factory in ruins.

In 1948, Lange watchmaking factory was confiscated by the regime in the occupied area of the Soviet Union. In 1990, when Germany was reunified, Lange’s great grandson Walter Lange returned to the town of grasuti. He re registered the traditional trademark of Lange watch and began to put it into production. In 1994, the first batch of reborn Lange watches were exhibited in Dresden, which immediately shocked the international watch industry with German exquisite style and amazing watchmaking technology.

Series Of A. Lange & Söhne Replica watches

Representative series

Cabaret cabaret series

The rectangular cabaret replica watch is equipped with a specially tailored shape movement, which can get rid of the size limitation that the circular movement may be too wide or too short.

31 series

The world’s first mechanical replica watch with 31 day power reserve and patented constant power escapement system.

Lange zeitwerk owl collection

The hour and minute of this watch are displayed by full mechanical digital display. The two displays jump forward, symbolizing that the watch industry has leapt into a new era. It adopts the unprecedented digital disk configuration design, so that the two digital displays jump instantaneously.

Richard Lange collection

Richard Lange is named after Richard Lange, the eldest son of Ferdinand Adolf Lange. This series reinterprets the concept of Lange Observatory table, focusing on two goals in all aspects: excellent accuracy and maximum clarity.

1815 series

The 1815 replica watch is a tribute to Ferdinand A. Lange. This table is called “1815”, which represents his year of birth. 1815 integrates traditional design elements, including blue steel pointer, Arabic numerals and train track minute scale. It is a model of Lange’s watchmaking tradition.

Saxonia Saxony series

The life of Saxonia comes from Saxony, Germany. Each Saxonia movement is carefully decorated by hand, combined with extraordinary polishing technology and manual carving. Each watch is also made of precious materials. In addition to the case, even the tiny inlaid scales are made of solid gold.

Lange 1 Series

Lange 1 embodies the knowledge and skills of the entire watchmaking Dynasty in Dresden in the early 19th century. One of the most outstanding elements is the large calendar display, which is inspired by the five minute digital clock of the sampago theater. Lange 1 presents different traditional elements, including 3 / 4 splint, screw fixed gold sleeve, and finely decorated movement. Lange 1 also combines new elements such as asymmetric dial design and non overlapping display.