At the turn of the last century, historians often call it an exciting era: thousands of people gathered under the Eiffel Tower in Paris to watch the record breaking aircraft race. The car rally from Paris to Vienna of Gordon Bennett cup attracted the attention of people in France, Germany, Britain and even the whole Europe and the United States, Of course, there is the holding of the modern Olympic Games… A variety of speed competitions make people’s demand for precision timing more and more urgent.

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In the first modern Olympic Games held in 1896, timekeepers used manual methods to time the highly competitive track and field competitions, especially the results of sprint events. At that time, the manual timing pocket replica watch could accurately record the difference of one fifth of a second, which was enough to meet the needs of various competitions. However, a hundred years ago, timetables were still very complex and rare “high-tech” products. Even in the Olympic Games, only the top three winners will calculate the specific results. Most other players only use the “naked eye” to distinguish the ranking and want to know the specific time and speed, They often have to make a general calculation with their own personal watch.

The Stockholm Olympic Games in 1912 not only made Jim Thorpe, a legendary sports genius from the United States, famous all over the world, but also left behind the heroic posture of the iron General Patton in the future, which also had a profound impact on the standardization of the modern Olympic Games: at this Olympic Games, semi-electric timers and terminal camera equipment were installed on the finish line of the 100 meter race for the first time, It makes the accuracy of timing reach one tenth of a second, and also solves the disputes of some ranking referees. Due to the high timing accuracy, the achievements of the Olympic Games were later recognized as the first official world record of the project by the IAAF established in the same year.

Since then, at the Paris Olympic Games, the accuracy of the timing system was improved to one hundredth of a second. At the 1932 Los Angeles Olympic Games, automatic electronic timing came to an end for the traditional manual timing. For the first time in the history of the modern Olympic Games, a private company, omega replica watches of Switzerland, was responsible for the overall timing of the games. Omega replica provided 30 high-precision needle chasing code replica watches for the Los Angeles Olympic Games, As the unified timing equipment of the event, the “timing camera” technology, which combines the timing system accurate to one hundredth of a second with the end point camera system, has been widely used in various large-scale and high-level sports games.

It should also be pointed out that at that time, the United States had a high-level watch industry and many well-known watch manufacturers recognized in the industry. It was not easy for Omega from Switzerland to win the status of “official timing of the Olympic Games”. What is more difficult is that since then, the Omega replica timing system has been accompanied by the Olympic Games, witnessing the brilliant moments of miracles created by many famous athletes, such as Owens, Spitz, comanec, Carl Lewis and bolt.

As more and more sports join the Olympic Games, fake Omega’s timing system keeps pace with the times and becomes more complex, especially in combination with event broadcasting to integrate accurate timing and accurate dissemination. Today’s electronic timing system can easily distinguish the difference of one thousandth of a second, which has far exceeded the limit that the “naked eye” of manual timing could feel a hundred years ago. However, with the multi-directional photography and camera system of timing, the sports scenes thousands of miles away are presented to people together with the timing display, so that everyone can more clearly see the various performances of athletes, and also make those Olympic heroes known to people all over the world. Over the past 90 years, Omega replica has continuously developed many advanced event timing technologies and accumulated rich event timing experience. This summer’s Tokyo Olympic Games is also the brand’s 29th official timing of the Olympic Games.

Like a hundred years ago, the timing of the Olympic Games is still a complex work that must be supported by high technology. Different from the past century, the classical heroes in the past have become today’s public models. All this depends on the evolution of technology and the constant promotion of companies like omega replica watches .