While it’s diamond setting is impressive, it is what is hidden that makes this creation so exceptional. Underneath the diamond-set leaf, there is a small dial telling the time most discreetly. In most cases, such a tiny watch is powered by a quartz movement, but not this Top Replica Jaeger-LeCoultre. In fact, it houses a mechanical movement that was developed 90 years ago.

Caliber 101 is a true marvel of miniaturization. This manual wind movement is made out of 98 components, which combined have a volume of only 0.2 cubic centimeters. The entire movement weighs just a gram and requires a very experienced hand to be assembled.

Back in the day did Jaeger-Lecoultre develop this movement to be placed in the most elegant of elegant ladies’ replica watches. As times changed, and with it fashion and preferences, other Jaeger-LeCoultre movements took over the place that the 101 once occupied.

What makes this Jaeger-LeCoultre 101 Feuille such a rare delight goes far beyond its 171 brilliant-cut diamonds, but can especially be found in one of the most mind-boggling movements the brand has ever made.