While the name Santos often comes to mind when speaking about Any Cartier Replica Watches, it would be more precise in this instance to talk about the brand’s first wristwatch – and most probably one of the earliest purpose-built wristwatches ever too.

Despite being named LM or Large Model, what we’re looking at today is a truly modest watch, at least regarding its proportions.Really not. It’s sometimes rather refreshing to strap such a compact watch on the wrist, specifically when we’re talking about one with the sheer elegance of the Tank Louis Cartier Top Replica Watches.

This watch is perhaps what most will see as the quintessential Tank. Surely, the recent Tank Normale is even closer in style to the original model of 1917, but the Tank Louis Cartier, which was first presented in 1922, probably has the most emblematic design of all. Slightly softer, with more rounded brancards on the sides, it is all about restrained elegance.

What makes the present watch unique is its combination of materials and colours. The base is, however, identical with a modestly sized case of less than 34mm in height, with a width of 25.5mm. The Cartier Replica Watches For Discount case is only 6.6mm in thickness… Compared to the vast majority of the watches now available on the market, we’re definitely talking about vintage proportions. And this is for the best.

As with all watches in this material, the beaded crown features a ruby cabochon. The back is solid platinum too, and in addition to specific engravings for this limited run, some space has been left for a personalized engraving.

The dial, which isn’t new in design but only in colour, features a very fine pattern obtained by laser engraving. The First Copy Watches interplay of differently angled lines gives an impression of depth and of several colours, but it’s all due to how the light catches the texture.

Inside this European Tank Louis Cartier is a well-known hand-wound movement, the Swiss Cartier Replica Watches calibre 1917MC. Mostly notable for its compact dimensions and thinness, this manufacture movement was first developed for mechanical feminine watches, but now finds its way into more vintage-oriented and modestly-sized watches. It is an oval-shaped movement that runs at 3Hz and stores 38 hours of power reserve.