Breitling’s Historical Ties to the Military

In 1995, they solidified their commitment to pilots, explorers, and avid risk-takers. That year, they debuted a unique and innovative complication, an internal locator beacon, in an all-new model. The Breitling Emergency Replica Watch was the first of its kind.

Transition to the Emergency II

The Emergency II is equally as groundbreaking as the original. It’s the first wrist instrument to be a dual-frequency PLB. As far as Breitling Replica watches go, it’s relatively hefty, measuring a whopping 51mm. However, compared to other PLBs, it’s incredibly compact, housing the world’s thinnest dual frequency PLB transmitter. Regardless of the size, it manages to wear light on the wrist thanks to its titanium case and bracelet.

In addition to its lifesaving capabilities, the Emergency II boasts a number of other functions. It features an analog as well as a digital time display with a 24-hour military-style option. In addition, it’s equipped with a date function, chronograph, second time zone, alarm, and countdown timer. A single crown sets all of these. Finally, it houses Breitling Replica Watches COSC-certified SuperQuartz chronometer movement, which is ten times more accurate than traditional quartz movements.